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Play Ground
There are separate Play Grounds in the school campus for the various games such as Volleyball, Football, Badminton, Basketball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Hockey and other indoor games such as Billiards, Carom, Chess, Ring etc.

Library housed in spacious reading rooms had been provided to enhance the intellect of the students and to create self study habits among them. Crash Course Books, Journals and Magazines, daily News papers are also made available; Books are issued for the whole year to poor and needy students. Every class has been assigned library periods thrice a week.

Computer Lab
There are separate Computer Labs for Junior & Senior students to improve and inclucate their interest in the Information Technology. Software and their knowledge increase their interest in towards computer technology. BROADBAND INTERNET facility is also available in the school.

Science Lab
Our school has separate Labs for Physics, Chemistry & Biology. Every lab is equipped with ultra modern apparatus to impart practical knowledge to our students.

Multimedia Room
There are three spacious hall equipped with LCD projector and sound system to impart education to the students with Audio-Visual Techniques. In this I also provide smart classes to the students.

Moral Education
Apart from the academics, it is our aim to provide the best kind of moral and spiritual education to our students. Behind every successful person, there is always a morally strong mind. Such a purpose is best served in our school. Students learn to donate, to help the needy, and to show love and compassion towards other human beings.

Career Guidance Cell
Under the guidance of our managing committee a carrier guidance cell has been established in the school campus to provide latest information regarding various field of education. Seminars and lectures by experts in the different fields are conducted from time to time upgrade the knowledge of the students.

School has its own fleet of buses to bring the students from far offplaces.