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List of Books Session 2024

Welcome to Our Website
Established in 2001 with 100 students and 10 teachers, Central Convent School now stands proud with 1250 students 50 teachers/housed in its building on a spacious plot of 5 acres amidst the idyllic and pollution free environment, the school has taken rapid strides and within a short span mode a mark onthe academic canvas of Patti. Our motto is to from.
We at Central Convent School view our role a vital as providing a solid foundation that would act as a sustaining force for the younger generations not only for today or tomorrow but all the time to come....
Principal Message

On account of scientific, technological and other advancement and changes new learning techniques are required, new job skills have to be enhanced new attitudes formed and new understanding required to meet the challenges of everyday life. With the help of latest digital high-tech equipment. Our constant Endeavour is to make learning an exciting and enriching experience by providing the student....