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Rules & Regulations

  • The school day commences with assembly at which all students must be present.
  • All should arrive in school 5 mins before the bell rings for the assembly. Frequent late corners are obliged to return home.
  • All students should be clear & neatly dressed always.
  • Children are encouraged to speak in English while in school.
  • Parents are earnestly requested to see that their children attend school punctuality and regularly and to check the diary regularly.
  • Every student is expected to behave in a lady like manner on all occasions  should show due respect to all authority and be gentle and cordial towards another.
  • Every student is urged to contribute to the high moral tone of the school by her conduct and manner.
  • Students should maintain silence when gathered for the assembly, going in and coming out of the classrooms and when for the teacher to bean a new lesson. Running, playing, shouting, etc. are not allowed in the school building.
  • During games and breaks, no student is allowed to remain in the classroom without previous permission.
  • Going home or leaving the school premises early for any reasons discouraged. Students who need to go home early for a genuine reasons should submit an application and obtain permission from the principal. It is necessary that a letter of authority be sent, if the parents themselves do not come to fetch the student.
  • Students are not allowed to be summoned to answer telephone calls while attending class.
  • Any student who damaged school property must good the damage.
  • All should respect who and take pride in the school property and keep the classroom and school premises clean. Writing and defacing the walls, furniture etc. are strictly forbidden.
  • No books, periodicals or comics other than those prescribed may be brought to school.
  • Every student is responsible for the safe keeping of her belongings. The school does not accept any responsibility for their loss. Students should have their blazers, sweaters ties, etc. marked clearly with the same section. Wearing of ornaments is not allowed in the school.
  • Lost articles if the office will be disposed off if they are not claimed within a week.
  • Marked articles if received will not be returned.
  • The use of pen is allowed from class V only.
  • Students who leave the school without due notice and without clearing their dues, will not be entitled sort of testimonials (Transfer Certificate, Character Certificate, Date of Birth Certificate etc.) from the school.
  • Twenty four hour notice in the from of a written application to the office is needed for any certificate.
  • Certificates are issued during working hours on class days only.
  • Private tuition are discouraged expect in the case of a student's who is admitted late in the year. The tuition generally reduces self confidence and initiative and encourages lazoness and inattentiveness in children. In case of necessity parents may arrange for private tuition only in consultation with the principal.
  • Parents are not allowed to visit the class room and meet during class hours.
  • It is compulsory for every students attend all the programs, sport day, seminars, course etc. arranged by the school.
  • Admission to the Central Convent School implies that the students and parents comply with the rules and regulation and co-operate with the activities of the school.