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Our well stocked library and a Multi-purpose Hall is very spacious and has nice environment with proper light & ventilation facilities. The Audio-Video mode is well integrated with the curriculum. The Audio Video room is equipped with T.V., V.D.C. and latest CDs, Video films on education, cartoons, stories good manners and general awareness. Audio casettes of Nursery, Rhymes, Stories, English, Science, Mathematics etc. also adorn our library. - Our Science lab is well equipped with all the necessary apparatus and materials needed for the syllabus up to std. XII. - The art room is visual delight and all students use it to give expression to their creativity. - The music rooms had different types of instructions where the budding musicians of our school are practicing for their blossoming future. - Sports room has both indoor as well as outdoor games to develop the complete personality of the students, as saying goes. "HEALTHY MINDS DEVELOPS IN HEALTHY BODY" to keep the body fit and fine, school provides all the facilities.